Freund Knives

Welcome to the Workshop!

The equipment I use has and will continue to evolve. Gathering equipment when I can, I am slowly building up my shop..items on the agenda to purchase are the following: mini milling machine, mig welder , air compressor and metal band saw.

I started out with a Canadian Tire 2 X 42 belt sander. Now it's functions have been replaced by a home built  KMG Clone  2 X 72 grinder, 4 X 36 horizontal grinders, an oscillating sander  and a 6" disk grinder.
I do some of my own heat treating with a 2 burner  forge and temper in an oven.  A couple of drill presses, buffers and a vast array of vise-grips, vises, anvils and hand tools, round out  the current tool list.
In some ways, the acquisition of tools is part of the fun of it. Certainly learning how to use each tool as it is added to the collection is an ongoing challenge and often an adventure. Thank God for safety equipment!